Top Culinary Arts Schools

culinary arts schools

So where in the world are the top culinary arts schools? The ones that produce the most talented chefs in the world? A lot of these top culinary schools are right here in the USA, scattered throughout the country. But don't worry, a lot of them have multiple campuses near you!

Find out how you can put your love for and passion for cooking to work for you. Learn everything you need to know about becoming an executive chef, sous chef, line chef, station chef, garde manger, or pastry chef at one of these excellent schools.

Here are a few:

French Culinary Institute in New York - NYC
International Culinary Schools at the Art Institutes - Multiple Campuses throughout the country
Le Cordon Bleu Academy - Multiple Campuses throughout the country
U.S. Kitchen Academy - Multiple campuses on the west coast
Johnson and Wales University - Multiple Campuses
New England Culinary Institute - North East